Momentum Fitness Jewelry partnered with Studio Prow to help take their growing brand of innovative and inspirational fitness jewelry to the next level. The brand is evolving into a polished, professional and fun image that matches the quality of their product. Studio Prow is helping with graphic design, vision and a plan for growth for this fabulous company. To learn more about Momentum Jewelry, visit their website.


Studio Prow created a 1:30 video highlighting the people who enjoy the motivations of Momentum Jewelry in their daily fitness, along with a sample of the many, many people showcasing their Momentum Jewelry on social media. The video was part of a presentation to Fleet Feet stores in September 2015. The video and marketing plan presentation resulted in Momentum Jewelry winning their "Product Death Match" competition and their complete product line was introduced to Fleet Feet stores nationwide in October 2015.


• graphic design
• marketing planning
• video editing
• public relations